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Slate is sedimentary rock composed of compressed and hardened layers of clay or volcanic ash, making it virtually impervious to inclement weather, constant exposure to the sun and other damaging elements.


Not all slate is created equal. Slate varies in color, density and purity. While the most common is gray slate, slate shingles can also come in green, black, purple, and red. Natural slate roofs are available in several different styles including light weight which does not require re-engineered framing. Formal and rustic styles will complete any type of design.

We specialize in slate & tile applications. Our areas of expertise include; new installation, repairs, maintenance and salvage restorations. Salvaged roof materials can also work very well for new custom homes or re-roof applications where a historic look is desired. A lofty investment in theory, its resilience can surpass many generations to come, making it the most economical choice of natural roofs.


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As one of North America’s most abundant resources, wood roofs have covered New England homes for hundreds of years. Time and technology has changed the once arduous task of splitting shakes from logs. Cedar shakes and shingles have become a standard that the industry distributes readily across the country. Light-weight and durable, each year cedar shakes and shingles rival asphalt for new installation. 

Hand-split roofs offer a rustic textural appeal suitable for many types of architecture such as Adirondack, cabin and barns. Smooth sawn shingles befit formal style architecture such as Colonial and Cape Cod.

A more environmentally sound decision, the wood roof can be adapted into many roof planes, breathes well through each season and with minor maintenance, can last nearly 40 years. Heritage Roof Renovations, LLC has proudly installed many shake and shingle roofs.

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Installed properly, a metal roof is another viable option for sealing out water, withstanding high winds, and shedding snow with ease. Also light in weight, metal roofs are resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot. Considered one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable roofing materials, it is 100% recyclable.


There are three types of metal roofs common for both residential and commercial roofing systems; R-Panel, Corrugated and Architectural Standing Seam. While R-Panel and Corrugated boast a raised and groove surface, Standing Seam is the traditional style panel that was developed in Europe centuries ago. Metal roofs are the ideal platform for mounting solar panels for the energy conscious homeowner.

Though all different in design, they align in delivering longevity, efficiency, sustainability and overall beauty. Some products such as Galvalume are available in a multitude of colors.



Another common roofing system which is able to resist extreme weather cycles are flat roofs. Flat roofs which are favored in commercial architecture, are commonly used in residential roofing in the form of balconies. 


EPDM is a rubber membrane that is laid out in large sheets which are adhered to a substrate. When installing on large areas, it is more cost effective than other flat roof systems. We also install flat roof coatings which are silicone based. These coatings can extend the life of rubber roofs and reflect UV rays which will lower energy costs.

Kemper is a polyurethane liquid applied roof that is reinforced with fleece fabric. The advantage to liquid applied roofing systems is that they are monolithic when complete. Developed in Germany in the 1957, Kemperol was introduced into the US in 1990 and has since achieved global recognition for its optimum performance and structural adaptability. Liquid resin roofs are considered the ideal surface to grow live or vegetated roofs.

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"Sophisticated roof application and design is our company’s specialty - either new installation or the maintenance and repair of an existing roof, our collective expertise and diligence can conquer any task."                                                                      Company Owner, Dan Fedorchek

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